ORTINBECK  - the home of Zambesi Kennels and Catamount Cattery
Welcome to Ortinbeck!
Registered members of CCCQ, FCCQ, and Morton Bay Shire Council.
Our family consists of 4 humans and several animals including Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Bengal cats, as well as Mandarin Ducks and Guinea fowl and other assorted animals. The family grows it seems daily, but all who join us are loved no matter how many shoes go missing, Guinea fowl caught, or if tonight's dinner gets swiped from the kitchen table.
As our whole family is animal friendly, we wish to keep them and us healthy and well, so for this we use Melaleuca products in our homes and on ourselves as well as our four legged friends.
Zambesi Kennels was established in 1973 in Darwin, N.T., Australia.
 Rhodesian Ridgebacks have been a large part of my life since 1972.
My parents, Neale and Mary Bickerton, have bred Ridgies since 1973 and I have taken over the reins or leashes in this case. Although the style of Rhodesian Ridgeback has changed I am endevouring to remain true to the original standard.
Catamount Cattery was established in 2005 with Bengals cats.
The Bengal has become a huge part of my family. They can handle children, dogs, and enjoy keeping me on my toes as they are usually found underfoot.
 I enjoy breeding and showing both my Ridgies and Bengals.
My aim is to strive to produce the best quality in the breed and to provide new owners with puppies or kittens who will blend in with their families.
My cats are washed in the Melaleuca pet wash, which leaves them soft and flea free. The kennels and cat cages are cleaned with Melaleuca products. We have and environmentally safe worm septic system, in which no phosphorus can go into as it kills worms. Once again Melaleuca provides us with safe household products. Also Melaleuca's makeup is not tested on animals, and they also provide us with all of our vitamin and mineral suppliments as well as other wonderful products.
For more information please contact Tamsin.
I will be adding things along the way, so check back to see what I add - Tamsin.
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